Expand and Upgrade Your Restaurant with a Merchant Cash Advance

As a restaurant owner, there is always competition no matter how good your food, service, and ambiance are. Tastes change, new restaurants are always popping up, and if you never update or upgrade your services and offerings, there is a good chance you are going to be left behind in the proverbial dust. Maintaining success as a restaurant owner is no easy feat. Most restaurants go under within the first few years and to avoid becoming one of the all too common sad stories, it is important to do what you can to help ensure your success and even growth.

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There are a number of fairly simple ways that a restaurant owner can upgrade their services and offerings, the atmosphere of their establishment, or even grow their enterprise to include multiple locations. To all of these things, you should also pair a solid online and local marketing campaign as it doesn’t matter how good your food is, how nice the atmosphere, or how great the service is, if people don’t know you are there, you will not be a success.


What follows are just some of the ways that you can make changes to your establishment, offerings, or business plan, in ways that are proven to be effective.



  • Switch up your menu or add seasonal offerings: It is good to have a solid retinue of tried and true menu offerings that make up the foundation of your regular menu. However, if you never change these up, it can lead people to chose elsewhere as their regular eating hot spot. Adding a new menu item or offering a seasonal dish for a limited time is a great way to attract new customers and also to entice existing customers to return.
  • Do a bit of redecorating: A lot of restaurant owners feel like the theme they chose when they designed their establishment is what they are stuck with. Renovations are expensive and a hassle that require you to close down while in progress. But changing the look and feel of your restaurant need not be this extensive of an endeavor. Simply changing out tableware, putting a new coat of paint on the walls, or changing some accents like lighting fixtures can really change the look and feel of your establishment, and this doesn’t require closing for renovations and the costs that entails.
  • Expand seating offerings or open another location: Especially when the weather is nice, patrons like to have choices in seating. Bar seating, traditional seating, and outdoor seating options make your establishment more attractive and even if you are in the middle of the city, adding a few tables out back and some plants and flowers, can create an intimate and lovely seating area. If your business is booming, perhaps it is time to consider expanding your services to a new location or even offering delivery. While you don’t want to grow to fast, you do also want to “strike while the iron is hot.”

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The first two suggestions are inexpensive and simple ways to take your offerings and atmosphere up a notch. With a good marketing campaign, redecorating or expanding your menu offerings is an excellent way to get new and repeat traffic in the door. The third option is a bit more of an undertaking and may not be suitable to all business owners. However, the problem with all of these things is that they require cash that many small business owners don’t have ready access to, making these activities seem prohibitive. Luckily, with high quality merchant cash advance (CMCA) lenders like Canadian Merchant Cash Advance, small business owners can access the capital they need quickly and easily, and at fair and reasonable rates they can afford.