How a short-term loan can improve your cash flow.

There is a problem that every small business is going to run into occasionally.  Your business is growing and you’ve invested in the additional inventory, the square footage and added new employees.  All of this has extinguished the available money and you’ve found yourself with a cash flow shortage.

An occasional cash flow shortage is the most common problem a small business runs into as they enter the growth phase.


Image result for short-term loanhave a lot of equity built up money is tight as the lending market isn’t tailored for small borrowers and you’re probably not going be able walk out of the bank with a 30 or 60 day note.  Today lenders are leaning more toward the heavy investor and long term borrower.

To the banks the profit margin mainly lies with large lenders.


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This is a real problem for the small business person who is looking for just a few hundred bucks just to see them through the immediate crisis.   A federal or state loan programs are not going to help you out either, because again, they’re looking at large investments to companies who are going to build a large labor pool.

Besides, your situation doesn’t really merit being saddled with a $100,000 debt load.   It can be a real headache when you’re seemingly locked out of every opportunity for cash.  For the most part it seems you really are out of borrowing options.

Lenders want larger investments in big companies that guarantee a large return.

Before you hit the panic button and lock the shudders for good, there are other options available to you. There is a financial institution that understands your short-term capital needs and has funds available in the amounts you really need.

You don’t need to commit to $50,000 or $100,000 loan that is completely unrealistic and nearly impossible for a small or midsize business to ever pay back.  

The small business is finally able to get the short term, small amount capital to keep that cash flow rolling through a sluggish period or for expansion.  Through CMCA you can get $500 or $1,000 that will see you through.

CMCA is geared with the small business in mind.

CMCA has helped  thousands small and medium businesses reach their full potential by lending them the realistic amount of funds that will help them jump-start that cash flow again.