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How much would you like?
Up to $20,000
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We are ready to offer you several types of Advance

Up to $20,000 Cash Advance

How Much Do You Need?

Some of the Industries We Serve

Franchises, Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Automotive Sales & Service, Personal Services, Business Services, Coffee Shops, Hotels/Hospitality, Gyms/Fitness Centers etc.

Small Business Capital in 24hrs

Quick access to capital with fixed and flexible financing options.

Helping small businesses grow.

By providing quick and easy capital when you need it most, we are transforming the way businesses grow.

Cash up to $20,000 in 24hrs

Fast cash advance: As anyone can tell you, business is rarely predctable!

Having Trouble?

Consumer credit from Quick Merchant Cash Advance - he best solution for you if you need renovations, new equipment, inventory and more.




For the very best Advance, just when you need it!

Eligible Borrower:

In business for at least 3 months

3 months of bank statements

The application process is virtually hassle free at CMCA. The paperwork requires just a few minutes, an initial one minute form online, or you can simple call us to avoid that process, and then we follow with a one page application by email or fax. Our account specialists are here to guide you through the process and make it simple.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of an MCA over a bank loan?

There are many! For one, at CMCA our approval rates are very high. Additionally, speed is the key. We can get you the money in 1-3 days and approve your business in just hours. Last but not least, our applications are quick and simple.

What is the cost of money?

The cost of money varies from business to business. We look at a variety of things relating to your business, including time in business, industry-type, total volumes and location.

What Can A Merchant Cash Advance Be Used For?

There are no restrictions on what you can spend your cash advance on. As a business owner, you know exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of your company are. You can fund a variety of business purposes including paying taxes, advertising, remodeling, expansion, maintaining payroll and more.

Can I pre-pay or pay –off early?

Absolutely! You can pre-pay at anytime without penalty.

Will you work with me if I’m already working with other lenders?

Yes, as a secondary funding source, possibly to fund the “rejects” or accounts your primary funding source does not want, so you can get more sales. Ideally, we would like be your primary.


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